Monday, 19 September 2011

Swap till you Drop

For this project we had to come up with a brand for a swap shop and the concept. I came up with Swap till you Drop. I wanted to aim Swap till you Drop and women and for the brand to look quite vintage, the events would be help in tea rooms with free tea and cup cakes and the staff would wear aprons, i was inspired by the 1930's housewife. 
We also had to design a pack that could be sent out to people wishing to participate. I designed a button colour code system to ensure that high value garments would only be swapped with other high value garments and vice versa. My pack included; labels to put on the clothes, buttons to colour code the garments, rules and instructions and details of the event.

The logo and apron designs

The pack and and example of the labels on garments

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