Monday, 19 September 2011

Scribe - Magazine project

For this project we had to come up with our own magazine, I chose to do one on street art. I came up with the name Scribe and the issue example i designed was a Scottish issue. I wanted the magazine to look fun, informal and creative. My target market was young creative adults, those interested in graffiti, street installations and design. I created the identity and did a few examples of articles that would feature in the magazine.

The front cover design. I drew on top of an image of Edinburgh Castle to convey the idea of "art taking over Scotland". The masthead is also hand drawn, i thought it would be better to have a hand drawn design because it fits well with the subject matter of the magazine.

This is my contents page, i thought that the image of the graffitied door was quite appropriate. All the cover features are placed in the circles.

Spread 1 - This article was on Kelburn Castle. 

Spread 2 - This was an interview with a Scottish graffiti artist

Spread 3 - This was a review on a new product

Advert - This was an advertisement page that i came up with

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