Monday, 19 September 2011

Thank you card

It was my birthday recently and i designed some thank you card to give to my family and friends. I just got some new fonts that i really wanted to use so i tried them out on the thank you card. I went for a simplistic design and printed on lovely card.

Leonard Cohen - an illustrated celebration

This was this years summer project. I was asked to illustrate some of Leonard Cohen's poetic songs. I found this quite a challenge as i didn't really know much about Leonard Cohen. I had to do alot of research and listen to all his songs. I was asked to move away from my current style of illustration and try something different. I experimented with collage, using pages from books and different types of paper. I was very pleased with the outcome and i feel the book flows quite nicely.

Dressed to Kilt

During 2nd year we were given the optional project of designing a dress for the Dressed to Kilt event in New York. I chose to do this as i quite enjoy designing clothes. The theme of this years even was country chic so i looked to country house interiors for some inspiration. This was the design that i came up with.

I came up with this Tutu dress, that is covered in material flowers. The flowers would be made up of tartan, tweeds, floral material and other Scottish / country related fabrics. There would be a sash that flows down the back which i thought would look lovely walking down the catwalk.

We were asked to show our designs to the tutors, and the owner of 21st century Kilts. My design was picked as the strongest and i was told that there was a possibility that the dress could be made and i could go to New York. I had to present my idea to the Principle of the University to see if she would help fund the project so that i could get the dress made. She very kindly agreed to fund the project and my dress design was sent to a Glasgow designer, Stephen Purvis, to be made. I took photos of the different stages of the dress production.

First stage

Stage two - I had to hand make all the flowers for the dress, this took hours and hours, but it was all worth it in the end.

Dress with the flowers added

When the dress was finished a photo shoot/ press call was organised to create some interest for my dress. My dress featured in the Edinburgh Evening News, The Scotsman, The Star, The Herald and also appeared on the STV website. The photo shoot was held at a fantastic venue, Prestonfield House. It was the perfect setting for my dress and the photos came out stunning.

Front page of the Evening News

Evening News article

There was also a video diary made of the event which is a really lovely memory of the day. Here is a link to the video: Becky tutu dress video

Before i knew it i was on a plane heading to New York, Napier put us up in a really nice apartment in 1st Avenue. The Dressed to Kilt event was held on Tuesday the 5th of April at the Hammerstein Ball room. It was lovely and very surreal, i met lots of famous people and some big designers.

Poster outside the Hammerstein Ball room.

The Catwalk

My dress featured in the "Young Designers" category, i was such a great feeling seeing it come down the catwalk. The model was a Vivienne Westwood model which made my day! Vivienne Westwood also had a collection come down the catwalk which i felt very privileged to see!

My dress looked lovely coming down the catwalk, the colours really stood out, all my hard work had paid off.

I feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity and i am so thankful to everyone who made it possible for me.

This is Why - Flyer illustration

I did an illustration for the This is Why promotional campaign that some of my fellow students were doing in New York. I had to come up with a design that conveyed students coming over from America to study at Edinburgh Napier University. These flyers were handed out all over New York and got alot of response.

Illustration on back of flyer

Front of the flyers handed out in New York

Roses competition brief - Younique

This was one of my favourite projects, it was a competition brief set by Roses. We were asked find a way to link ourselves to a hero in six steps. We had to be creative and interesting. I chose to try and link myself with Marilyn Munroe. I wanted to illustrate it and make it quite funny. This is what i came up with...

Start - Me

Step one - My Dad

Step two - My Grandpa

Step three - Thomas Harper (Grandpa's next door Neighbour)

Step four - Isidore Miller

Step five - Arthur Miller

Step six - Marilyn Munroe

Scribe - Magazine project

For this project we had to come up with our own magazine, I chose to do one on street art. I came up with the name Scribe and the issue example i designed was a Scottish issue. I wanted the magazine to look fun, informal and creative. My target market was young creative adults, those interested in graffiti, street installations and design. I created the identity and did a few examples of articles that would feature in the magazine.

The front cover design. I drew on top of an image of Edinburgh Castle to convey the idea of "art taking over Scotland". The masthead is also hand drawn, i thought it would be better to have a hand drawn design because it fits well with the subject matter of the magazine.

This is my contents page, i thought that the image of the graffitied door was quite appropriate. All the cover features are placed in the circles.

Spread 1 - This article was on Kelburn Castle. 

Spread 2 - This was an interview with a Scottish graffiti artist

Spread 3 - This was a review on a new product

Advert - This was an advertisement page that i came up with

Swap till you Drop

For this project we had to come up with a brand for a swap shop and the concept. I came up with Swap till you Drop. I wanted to aim Swap till you Drop and women and for the brand to look quite vintage, the events would be help in tea rooms with free tea and cup cakes and the staff would wear aprons, i was inspired by the 1930's housewife. 
We also had to design a pack that could be sent out to people wishing to participate. I designed a button colour code system to ensure that high value garments would only be swapped with other high value garments and vice versa. My pack included; labels to put on the clothes, buttons to colour code the garments, rules and instructions and details of the event.

The logo and apron designs

The pack and and example of the labels on garments